Since, the inception of Bihar State Power Transmission Company Limited after restructuring of erstwhile Bihar State Electricity Board, it has achieved many milestones in the field of Transmission. As a State Transmission Utility which supplies power at 220/132 K.V. ,132/33 K.V. and 25 KV level, it has established new benchmarks in capacity augmentation and carving  of new transmission lines along with the construction of more no. of GSS.

The key achievements are as follows:-

  • Nos. of GSS increased from 45 nos. to 95 Nos.
  • Further 11 nos. of GSS are either under construction or in the process of construction.
  • In addition to the above, it is proposed that 132/33 K.V. Grid Sub-Station will be constructed in those 32 nos. of revenue sub-divisions where at present there is no GSS.
  • The total Transformation capacity of BSPTCL has reached 3450 MVA at 220/132 K.V. level from 2950 MVA.
  • Similarly, the total Transformation capacity has increased to 5910 MVA from 4972.5 MVA at 132/33 K.V. level. Few new grids are under construction and are very soon likely to supply power.
  • BSPTCL's capacity to evacuate power has reached 3100 MW from 2600 MW and its mission is to make it to 3500 MW by August 2014 and 4500 MW by Aug. 2015.
  • Total transmission line length increased to 7731.902 CKM from  6628.17 C-Km, which includes transmission line at 132 K.V., 220 K.V. and 400 K.V. level individual line length are, 5993.932 CKM, 1662.97 CKM & 75 CKM respectively.
  • The timely execution of different planning is being ensured under the special plan scheme e.g. The stringing work of Forbesganj-Kattaiya line has already been completed before its scheduled completion time.
  • BSPTCL has recently completed the GIS (Geographical Information System) mapping of all its Grid-Sub-Stations and all its 220 K.V. and 132 K.V. level Transmission Lines. This will help BSPTCL in planning on a long term basis.
  • BSPTCL has also started the Power Training Centre at Gaurichak, Patna to train its employees and students who come here for training.
  •  The company has appointed 61 Nos. of Assistant Electrical Engineer (AEE) and 121 Nos. of Junior Electrical Engineer (JEE) since June 2013 to expedite and perform day-to-day operations of BSPTCL in the field and at the HQ.
  • Besides the project planning, operation & maintenance BSPTCL is also giving emphasis on continual technical up-gradation of its system under SLDC (State Load Dispatch Centre), ULDC (Unified Load Dispatch & Communication) and other concerned departments.
  • Unified Load Dispatch & Communication (ULDC) is upgrading the SCADA system, installed into the SLDC and it is also working on laying of OPGW throughout the transmission network under BSPTCL. This project will ensure the faster communication of data from its GSS to its control room at SLDC.
  • BSPTCL is also planning to do the work of construction of GSS and associated transmission lines related to evacuation from Buxar & Kajra TPS under PPP mode which is already in process.
  • BSPTCL is making all effort for all round development of the company.