Issue Year : Department :
Issue DateDepartmentDescription
16-Apr-2018Human Resource and Administration Reorganization of Engineering/Administrative Units(Zones, Circles, Divisions and Sub-divisions) of BSPTCL
19-Mar-2018Project and Planning Addendum No. 01 to Standard Bidding Document(SBD)
01-Feb-2018Human Resource and Administration Modification in delegation of power(DOP) of BSPTCL for emergency work vide resolution no 65-11 in 65th BOD meeting held on 19.01.2018
07-Feb-2018Human Resource and Administration Regarding constitution of technical committee for preparation of the Procurement Manual of BSPTCL for the financial year (2018-19) vide Office Order No-83 dated 07-02-2018
19-Jan-2018Human Resource and Administration Corrigendum for Revision of Pay for Assistant Patrol Man, Resoution to be read as 64-16 in Office Order No-17 dated 11-01-2018
10-Jan-2018Project and Planning Standard Bidding Documents (SBD) for turnkey projects for BSPTCL
11-Jan-2018Human Resource and Administration Revision of Pay for Assistant Patrol Man as per Resolution no 64-16 of 64th BOD held on 11.12.2017
11-Jan-2018Human Resource and Administration Creation of Post for GSS
10-Jan-2018Human Resource and Administration Regarding promotion in Assistant Operator as per resolution no 64-18 of 64th BOD dated 11.12.2017 vide Office Order No-13 dated 10-01-2018
31-Aug-2017Finance and Accounts Clarification on transitional issues due to GST Implementation
16-May-2017Human Resource and Administration OO No 592 date 16.05.2017, role and responsibilities of different posts
12-Mar-2013Human Resource and Administration Delegation of Power of BSPTCL
17-Sep-2014Human Resource and Administration Instructions Regarding record keeping and weeding of files
30-Jun-2014Project and Planning Standard Operating Procedure