Functions and Duties

Functions of BSPTCL

To undertake transmission of electricity through intra-State transmission system;

To discharge all functions of planning and co-ordination relating to intra-state transmission system with -

  • Central Transmission Utility;
  • State Governments;
  • generating companies;
  • Regional Power Committees;
  • Authority;
  • licensees;
  • Any other person notified by the State Government in this behalf;

To ensure development of an efficient, co-ordinated and economical system of intra-State transmission lines for smooth flow of electricity from a generating station to the load centres;

Duties of BSPTCL

To build, maintain and operate an efficient, co-ordinated and economical inter-State transmission system or intra-State transmission and to comply with the directions of the Regional Load Despatch Centre and the State Load Despatch Centre.